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Court Closure - Winter Weather

Due to winter weather in the following states, we are expecting delays in processing.

In Michigan, there are several closures throughout the lower peninsula due to heavy snowfall.

In Wisconsin, Outagamie, Vernon, and Washington County courts are closed today and tomorrow.

In Indiana, LaPorte County government offices are closed today. We expect delays in the northern portion of the state due to hazardous travel conditions.

In Illinois, Champaign, Du Page, Iroquis, Kane, and McLean County will be closed tomorrow Cook County courts may be closed, but have not yet announced the closure.

In Tennessee, Bradley, Polk, McMinn, and Rhea County are closed today.

We may see additional areas close due to the weather and extreme cold temperatures. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as we receive them.

Please stay warm and safe!

-SoCal Research Team

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